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From the Desk of the Executive Director

Greetings and well wishes to supporters of CGArc and our community!

You may recall the previous letter I wrote thanking you for your support of the July 28, 2017 defeat of the Senate Health Care Bill halting the proposed disastrous Medicaid and insurance cuts.  At that time I also commended Republican Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins.

Well, the powers that be have re-introduced this issue, and the Senate is set to vote 9-25-2017 on the Graham-Cassidy bill.  This most dangerous of health care proposals, includes the per capita caps on the  Medicaid program that would end Medicaid as we know it with a trillion dollar cut over two decades, and allows states to weaken consumer protections such as the ban on pre-existing condition exclusion and the essential health benefit requirement.

Secondly, as we approach the second phase of mandatory salary increase requirements as a result of AZ Proposition 206 (+.50 eff. 1-1-2018), we, along with every other I/DD provider in Arizona, are preparing ourselves for another challenging year as our funding is fixed and our primary funding source, DES/DDD, is not keeping pace with these mandatory changes.

Our/Your call to action

The same support that was gained through tireless efforts of our stakeholders in defeating the July’s Health Care Bill is critical in assuring the continued viability of CGArc and other organizations serving Arizonans with I/DD.  I have joined with other Executives throughout the Arizona provider community to represent CGArc with the Governor and other political representatives advocating for defeat of the Graham-Cassidy Bill and the implementation of budget changes.  Make no mistake-without these changes, the people we serve will be without the supports the so desperately need.

Our efforts have led to the defeat July’s Health Care Bill, and your voice is critical to once again defeat the Graham-Cassidy Bill.  Please join us today in this campaign by contacting Senators McCain and Flake at the following addresses:

Senator John McCain:

Senator Jeff Flake:

Thank you in advance for making these issues and CGArc a part of your advocacy efforts


Billy Parker

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