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The overall goal of the Employment Related Program is to bring work skills up to a level of competitive employment. It is to develop marketable job skills and assist the person in finding and retaining part-time or full-time employment. Vocational strengths and needs are defined through assessment tools, job club meetings and actual work experiences. While working in the sheltered workshop setting, workers are paid by the piece-rate system for assembly, packaging or bench work.

The Supported Employment Program is designed to offer individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities employment experiences while providing support and training. The person works alongside workers without disabilities and is given the same job requirements and expectations. Job specific training is provided, if necessary, to support the employee in the job setting or to help the person move on to competitive employment.

Individuals in this Group Supported Employment Program have the opportunity to work at local businesses as a small group with the support of a job coach. These groups are known as enclaves. These individuals are compensated for all hours worked.  Individuals who are successful in group supported employment may be considered for individual supported employment.

dsc05518The above programs are available to individuals who have procured funding through the Arizona Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD), Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, or through private pay funding arrangements.  On occasion, CGArc assists by providing short-term full or partial scholarships based upon availability of the funding. Please see the Director of Employment Services for details.

For any questions, contact:

Mike Grounds
Day Services Director

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